IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference

07-12 July 2024, Rhodes Island, Dodecanisa, Greece.


Greece, Rhodes Island


Sunday to Friday
July 07 to 12, 2024

Welcome Message

On behalf of the Greek industrial, welding and academic community, it is our great honour and pleasure, to welcome you to the 77th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference on Welding and Joining, that will take place from 7 to 12 of July 2024 on the amazing island of Rhodes, in Greece.

Welding Greek Institute, organizes and hosts this unique and global event for the first time in our Country, setting the highest goals to this international effort, that covers the latest developments in industrial and technical sectors, academic research, training & education activities, qualification and certification of persons.

Greece’s geographical position, places the County at the main Energy Crossroads, so it is a great opportunity to meet other Participants with the same interest, create business opportunities, exchange views on multiple issues, provide opportunities for globalism, innovation, endeavour, fair play and simultaneously changing perceptions in a large multiple audience, which build relationships and trust, and through effective communication enable and foster interpersonal relationships.

We are looking forward to welcome you in person for the 77th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference, in the historical Rhodes, the “Island of Knights”.

Nikolaos Chatzopoulos
President of Welding Greek Institute Governing Board

Intelligent Welding Manufacturing Symposium

7th July 2024

Intelligent Welding Manufacturing symposium (IWM-Symposium 2024) is dedicated to the advancements in key technologies for future intelligent/smart, robotic, and automated welding manufacturing. This symposium is part of and serves to kick off the technical events of the 2024 IIW General Assembly and International Conference, which will be held in Rhodes, Greece, from July 7-12, 2024. This event follows the success of IWM-Symposium 2023 in Singapore, where 45 papers were presented, and select papers resulted in a special issue in the journal Welding in the World.

Welding manufacturing encompasses all welding and joining-based processes, including welding, joining, cladding, additive manufacturing, particularly wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), repair deposition, remanufacturing, etc. The topics for IWM-Symposium 2024 include but are not limited to:

  • Welding manufacturing processes sensing, monitoring, identification (dynamic model) and control
  • Robotization of all welding manufacturing processes
  • Human-robot collaborative welding and additive manufacturing
  • Application of deep learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, image/signal process processing to welding manufacturing
  • Application of data-driven techniques to welding manufacturing

Submit your abstract for the Intelligent welding manufacturing symposium.

Submit your abstract for the Intelligent welding manufacturing symposium

77TH IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference

Drawing thousands of the world’s technology leaders together to learn and do business,

IIW Annual Assembly and International conference consists of many simultaneous meetings and events  aimed at promoting and updating  the scientific and technological nature of all processes involved with the welding procedure.

IIW Annual Assembly is giving the opportunity for the yearly gathering of Technical Commissions  and Administrative Working Units, for knowledge exchange and networking among scientists, engineers, researchers and industry experts in the field of welding and joining.

Submit your paper for Technical Commissions here

International Conference on “Energy infrastructures and Transportations across the seas” is conducting among with IIW Annual Assembly, giving the opportunity to all stakeholders to stay updated and more interacting.

Submit your paper for the International Conference here

Technical, scientific and social  events are also taking place during the IIW2024 Annual Assembly and International Conference.

IIW 2024 International Exhibition

Visibility and Exposure of Sponsors and Participants.

Welding related business activities, are of major importance in the Construction Industry, affecting Quality and Cycle-Life of projects.
The IIW 2024 International Exhibition, will add value to the International Business comunity, and will support participants markets penetration strategies.

IIW 2024 Sponsorship

…Connecting Materials & People. This is our moto, investing in International Networking and Recognition.

Become a Sponsor of the 77th IIW Annual Assembly, International Conference & Exhibition, is an act of investing in Network and Visibility of your Company, worldwide.
Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors, will have a strong presence in the next 3 years, through all promotional and supporting activities towards the International Welding Community. Impressive Culturale Events will take place in Athens, related to the IIW 2024 International event, giving the oportunity to the Sponsors, to achieve the highest posible visibility.

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