Technical Committee for Papers Submission


Scientific or Technical Papers and Publications, can be submitted to the Technical Committee of the IIW 2024 International Conference.

«Energy Project on the Meditterean Sea»

The IIW 2024 Technical Committee is structured by Academic staff, Engineers, Scientists, Researhers, and Market Executives, who are experts in the topics relevant to the conference.

The IIW 2024 Technical Committee consists of “The President” and 14 Members, as following:

IIW 2024 Technical Committee Structure:

Prof. Mayorkinos Papaelias, Professor in NDT and Condition Monitoring, Head of Quality Assurance, School of Metallurgy and Materials, The University of Birmingham, 2024 IIW Conference President.

Dr. Elias Chatzidouros
, ENGITEC Systems Limited, 2024 IIW Conference Member.

Dr. Artemios Vamvakousis, ex. WGI Chief Executive, materials and welding expert, 2024 IIW Conference Member.

IIW 2024 International Conference - “Energy Infrastructures and Transportations across the Seas”

In the context of International Institute of Welding Annual Assembly, Welding Greek Institute is organizing the
International Conference on Welding and Joining.

  • Innovative Welding and Joining Technologies
  • Energy Projects in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Green Growth/ Circular Economy
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • NDT & Advanced NDT methods
  • Corrosion Mapping and Fitness for Service of metallic structures
  • Worldwide Availability of Welding Personnel
  • Infrastructures for Innovative Renewable Resources