Technical Visit N1

Revithoussa LNG terminal

📅 5 July 2024
🕗 08:00-13:00 approximately
Technical Visit cost: 44€
Minimum participation 40 persons.
Combined with Athens Travel Package

The Revithoussa LNG Terminal, located on the islet of Revithoussa approximately 45 km west of Athens, is a vital energy asset for Greece, being the only LNG Terminal currently in operation in the country. Possessing a storage capacity of 225,000 m3 of LNG and a regasification capacity of 1,400 m3/h, Revithoussa serves as a cornerstone for ensuring energy security and diversifying gas supply sources for Greece and the wider region. The facility provides increased operational flexibility in the transmission system and enhanced capability to meet peak gas demand, with its importance having been further highlighted by the recent energy crisis and the war in Ukraine, a period in which it proved instrumental in securing gas supply and driving energy diversification efforts in Greece and across Southeast Europe as whole.